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I have your hands, but I have my mothers eyes. Your tact and poise and her sense of wrong and right. Heard you awake in the middle of the night. Letting go of the things you keep inside. #candour #neckdeep #lyrics #fff #followforfollow #sfs #shoutoutforshoutout #black #edit #darkeyes #ehhimugly #fuckherrightinthepussy #🙊
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Can you hear me ? 
Hello my friend. I bet you’re wondering why I haven’t called. You see, I’ve been busy trying to rid myself of these thought that take me over every night. And I really have tried. I promise I have. I can’t seem to find a reason worth staying. Hello? Are you still there ? Please listen to me. It’s like no one understands. Or maybe they don’t want to. Or .. They just don’t care. I’m losing it. An I know the last time we talked I was doing so good. I was doing so we’ll. but I guess that’s just it. I wasn’t okay. Not even a little bit. But they didn’t notice. Hello ? I can’t hear you anymore. My chest it hurts. My heart it aches. My eyes they burn. Blood shot red from the drugs and alcohol. I’ve let myself go. Hello? I’m still here. But not for long. I really just called to say that I’m sorry I wasn’t enough. I’m sorry I didn’t love you more. Hello? Am I talking to myself? Can anyone hear me? I need someone .. Anyone .. Please. . Can you hear me ?        MY POETRY
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Mind you, sometimes the angles smoke, hiding it with their sleeves, and when the archangel comes; they throw the cigarette away. That’s when you see a shooting star.                   ~V. Nabokov
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~ HQLines, A Separation
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Cause I’m trying to be a better version of me for you
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Bring Me The Horizon - Can You Feel My Heart [x]

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Pierce The Veil - Yeah Boy and Doll Face [video credit]
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~ David Levithan